How long will you survive! Defend your red blood cells from deadly bacteria with your natural defences. Strategically use antibiotics to keep them working! All in augmented reality!

BacteriAR has been made in collaboration between Innovation Lab and the University of Central Lancashire's School of Dentistry. This game has been made to help raise awareness for national antibiotic awareness week 2019. In an aid to help educate younger audiences, the dangers of antibiotic resistance and the practices of over prescribing antibiotics in the UK.

At the time of writing this, BacteriAR has been nominated for two national awards. OneĀ being the national Guardian University awards for 'Digital Innovation'. The second being a personal nomination for 'Best Game' at the Grads in Games awards.

Developed for The NHS, UCLan School of Medicine by The Innovation Lab.

BacteriAR is available for both iOS and Android now!
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