[EXPERIENCE PROJECT 6] The Neo-nostalgic third person arena shooter. Experience the deconstructed 'WIP' style gameplay as you battle your friends, in a screen watching, local split screen solo survival mode. Or, try your best to shove, attack and decimate your counterparts as you try to last as long as you can at the top of 'the mountain.' Reminisce with the 90s inspired jittery wireframe graphics accompanied by the distorted IDM soundtrack by Brandon Vare. [EXPERIENCE PROJECT 6]
Song used in trailer - 'Anyone who knows what love is(Will Understand)’ - Irma Thompson 1996

I guess [PROJECT 6] is the personification of my weird obsession with everything new and old at the same time. The neo-nostalgic third person arena shooter is not really meant to be ‘played’ or ‘enjoyed’, it’s more of an experience. From my historic references to the use of ZX Spectrum colours and distribution methods, to the contextual references to near futuristic to the dark sci-fi drama ‘Black Mirror’. [PROJECT 6] is everything I want in a game, visually striking yet blinding, the auditory abuse created by the pulsating rhythms meticulously designed by Brandon Vare; all accompanied by great nostalgic gameplay that puts you back in front of that cold glowing CRT of the 90s and 80s. [EXPERIENCE PROJECT 6]'
Alternative Distribution
To continue the unique/ deconstructed aspect of [PROJECT 6] I took an alternative approach to distributing the game. When it comes to the university degree show I will be distributing [PROJECT 6] via a QR code that is on the inlay of a music cassette with contains unreleased music from Brandon Vare that features in the game. Each cassette has been designed and weathered individually and each cassette has been recorded with different audio effects to give a unique experience to each one.